Channel Cable HVDC Interconnector is a major energy infrastructure initiative allowing the exchange of electricity between Great Britain and France. Approximately 130 kilometres in length and lying 90 meters beneath the English Channel, Channel Cable will enhance security of supply on both sides of the sea. Flexible hydro power and efficient nuclear from France and North West Europe will help to meet the peak demand in Great Britain, and facilitate trading of power between markets. This will lead to greater efficient use of existing generation resources.

Capacity Open Season

The entire capacity of Channel Cable available to all market participants via a non-discriminatory open season process.

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Environmental Respect

Channel Cable is committed to the safe and environmentally friendly construction and operation of its UK-France Interconnector

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Long Term Capacity Rights

The capacity to meet expected demand should be measured in both the short-term and the long-term. We can offer longer term options.

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HVDC Submarine Cables

The entire cable component connecting Great Britain and France will be totally underground, using high tech HVDC technology.

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Download brochures, papers, reports and fact sheets on the Channel Cable project.

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